SERVAL is a home goods brand that began in Tokyo in 2023. We provide the high quality, strong and versatile products you need to face modern society with courage and agility. Our brand name and logo are a nod to the wild cat of the same name that lives resiliently on the African continent.



角田(つのだ)恵理 京都市立芸術大学デザイン科ビジュアルデザイン専攻卒。インテリア・生活雑貨の輸入製造会社でデザイン全般に携わった経緯とプライベートでのアウトドアの経験を生かし、生活用品のブランドSERVALを始動、現在に至る。

Eri Tsunoda graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts with a major in Visual Design. I started the SERVAL home goods brand by combining her experience in a general design role at an import and production company for interior and household goods with her love for outdoor activities.